There are so many factors that can help a student learn any topic, let alone mathematics, and there are many approaches that are effective. My approach has primarily been a student-centered, interaction-based format. Please allow me to outline some of the features of my classroom and highlight some of the aspects of my classes which lead to student success.

  • Creating a comfortable, open-forum classroom environment in which students are comfortable asking questions at any time and are comfortable answering my questions to them.
  • Being available to students as often as they need to ensure that they are getting the most of their experience in my class and learning as much as they possibly can.
  • Incorporating technology to enhance lecture, educate students about computational tools, and promote technological literacy in general.
  • Making use of Open Educational Resources whenever feasible.

For each class that I have taught, I have made a record below and attached the syllabus for that course.

At Central Michigan University

At the University of Connecticut

  1. I was discussion leader for three sections of this course for this semester.  2